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Exhibition on view from 9.3.2024 to 2.6.2024 at Iittala & Arabia Design Center, Design Lab Gallery, Hämeentie 135A, 00560 Helsinki, Finland.

Sergei Pavlov: Kaiku (Echo) 

‘Are you just an echo? No, you are everyone.’

Misuzu Kaneko (1903-1930) 

Sergei Pavlov seeks to capture the essence of the people, places, and experiences that unfold in his own life. Anchoring his artistic practice in the tradition of autobiographical documentary photography, Pavlov establishes a profound connection with his subjects, most of whom are his close friends. Through this association, he cultivates mutual emotional trust and intimacy that forms the foundation of his photographic storytelling. Pavlov aims to construct a space that invites viewers to explore his work from various perspectives, focusing on examinations of our shared existence.

At the core of Pavlov's artistic philosophy is the belief that photography serves as a potent medium for emotional connection. Navigating the intricacies of human relationships - both romantic and platonic - his portraits at times border on abstraction. Human forms unexpectedly juxtaposed with natural and artificial shapes create curious pairings that leave a space for the viewers to fill with their own interpretation. Offering glimpses into situations that feel simultaneously familiar and foreign, Pavlov’s photographs also demonstrate the impossibility of framing our multiple and fragmented selves. 

Pavlov's methodology seamlessly integrates his artistic work into all aspects of his life, reflecting on themes such as existence, relationships, intuition, intimacy, and emotion. His pictures possess both narrative and character, creating short stories around what he knows best, his own life. Simultaneously Pavlov aims to open viewers to each other, fostering a sense of interconnectedness - there is always an ‘us’ instead of an ‘I’. The essence of Sergei Pavlov’s work lies in exploring these deeply universal human connections, inviting us to contemplate not only what brings us closer together but also what drives us apart.

- Anna Mustonen, Curator

Creative Director: Janni Vepsäläinen
Curator: Anna Mustonen
Exhibition architecture: Hanna Anonen
Exhibition film director: Päivi Niemi
Exhibition film cinematographer: Alex Savander
Brand, destination and production manager: Tuija Makkonen